Apply for DURMUN 2020

Apply as a delegate for DURMUN 2020:

The participation fee for delegates is £45. Delegations (of at least three people) are offered a £5 discount (£40 per person). Applications are open until the 20th December.

You can register as a delegate for DurMUN 2020 by clicking here. Tickets can be bought here.

Delegations can be members of a university or members of a Durham University college. Delegations are requested to send their names and email addresses to the secretariat ( via the head delegate. They will receive the link to the discounted ticket after the list have been received and everybody on the list applied through the link above.

Apply as a chair or director for DURMUN 2020:

Applications are now closed.

Apply to work on the a press team at DURMUN 2020:

Applications are now closed.