The Secretariat

Hanna Fölsz, President of the Durham University United Nations Society


I am Hanna, a third year Politics and Economics student, and I am serving as the President of Durham University United Nations Society for 2018/2019. Building on our achievements last year, I am working closely with our Secretary General and the Secretariat to make DurMUN 2019 a milestone for our Society, a successful conference with high-quality committee sessions at all levels, memorable socials, and stunning historical venues. I look forward to welcoming you to Durham in person!

Panos Maniatis, Secretary-General DurMUN 2019

downloadMy name is Panos Maniatis and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Laws Degree at Durham University. This year, I am serving as Secretary-General at DurMUN 2019. I will be responsible for interviewing and eventually selecting the best candidates for the positions of the Chairs, as well as regulating and co-organising the conference. Additionally, I will be passionately contributing to the composition of this year’s agenda, which is definitely going to be very exciting, to say the least! I am looking forward to the commencement of the conference and to meeting you all in person!


Laurence Dynes, Deputy Secretary-General 


I’m a second year PPE student who, as someone who is relatively new to Model United Nations, is honoured to have a place among this years secretariat. I very much look forward to helping make DurMUN 2019 even better than last year’s, and hopefully pique even more people’s interest in it!





Josh Kui To Mo, Deputy Secretary-General

I’m Josh, a final year law student at Grey, and as Deputy Secretary-General it is my pleasure to welcome you all to DURMUN 2019. This year, there will be a comprehensive array of councils and committees to cater to all interests and abilities.

About myself; I’m interested in international and commercial law, and how technology will shape the legal industry in the coming years. In my spare time, I enjoy editing the Durham Law Review, boxing, and building my massive army of orcs in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

DURMUN 2019 will be my 42nd Model UN to date, and I am confident that based on your participation, and past DURMUN conferences, DURMUN 2019 will be one of the UK’s premier international Model UN events. I look forward to meeting you all.


Joe Beaden, Secretary


Hello all! I am Joe, DUUNS secretary of 2018/19. I have not had the extensive years of MUN experience as some of the other members of the Secretariat but I started MUN in my first year of university and participated in OxMUN. I balance my commitment to MUN with competitive debating and a degree in history.




 Becky Mingard, Delegations Officer

BM Photo

Hey, I’m Becky, your delegations officer. My role is to ensure quality representation of Durham delegations at UK and European conferences, as well as coordinate delegations coming to DurMUN. This year I aim to work closely with our delegations to ensure they are well prepared and trained before attending conferences, as well as developing social bonds within the delegation. I would also like to work with other smaller MUNs to mutually benefit our delegations. If you have any questions about delegations, or would like to get involved in one, please contact me!


George Colvin, Delegate Training Officer


Hi! My name is George Colvin and I’m a 2nd year Economics and Politics student from St. Mary’s College. As Delegate Training Officer, I help to organise weekly training sessions, preparing you for any future MUN conferences, and answer any questions you might have. Hope to see you involved with the society this year



Basanth Sadasivan, Social Secretary

35870751_1902314633152568_2433404289524170752_nHi there, my name is Basanth and I am the Social secretary of the Durham University United Nations Society. An avid MUNer, I have participated in a wide range of conferences, along with having traveled to over 120 countries. Diplomacy and foreign policy work is another expertise of mine and I have had the opportunity to intern with Embassies across the world to learn more about the real state of foreign affairs in an increasingly globalized world. As Social Secretary, my job is to make social events for the society and DURMUN a fun and memorable experience. I look forward to meeting everyone at the conference, and hope DURMUN turns out to be an enjoyable weekend for everyone!

Jamie Thompson, Treasurer 36064256_2255571807794276_1172971378312216576_n

My name is Jamie, I am a second year Politics student and I’m serving currently as the Treasurer on the 2018/2019 Exec for Durham University’s United Nations Society. I am committed to carefully managing our finances enabling the society to have a prosperous and eventful year whilst still allowing us to have a successful and high quality conference at DurMUN 2019.

I hope to see you at one of our training sessions or at DurMUN 2019!

Helena Pilcher, Speakers Officer

35196200_1844290942297710_1241057136918659072_nHi, I’m Helena a second year PPE student from Mary’s. This year I will be serving as Speakers Officer of Durham University United Nations Society. I will be responsible for reaching out to potential speakers and arranging for them to come in to talk to the society at various events.

I look forward to another good year for DUUNS!



Alexandra Beste, Mondial Editor

36189173_1780603562034572_124268217215483904_nHi, my name is Alex and I’m serving as the Chief Editor of The Mondial, the Durham University United Nation’s official newspaper! My job is to oversee the creation and publication of articles relating to the UN and international affairs. For DurMUN 2018, Hanna, Keishia and I have our sights set on recruiting a team of enthusiastic writers, photographers, and layout designers in order to establish The Mondial as a dedicated conference press corps, providing coverage of committee debates and the conference theme.



Keishia Quijano, Media and Communications Officer

22496240_1466909110045335_6220140932605270485_oHello! I’m Keishia, a second year Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) student and DUUNS’ Media and Communications Officer 2018/19. I organise and overlook all email and social media communications as well as ensuring all online administration is carried out. In addition to that, I designed the website you are currently viewing this on and regularly update our social media.

I hope you apply to and enjoy DURMUN 2019, I’m certain it was be an amazing experience!