The Secretariat

 Miklos photoMiklós Dürr, President of the Durham University United Nations Society

I’m Miklós, a fourth-year Human Geographer and I’m serving my second term as President of Durham University United Nations Society. Building upon last year’s successes and developments, I am working closely with the Secretariat to solidify our presence on the international MUN map and make DurMUN 2018 larger than ever before. I look forward to welcoming you to Durham in person!


CS SG Profile

Charlie Sweeting, Secretary-General DurMUN 2018

I’m a second year Natural Sciences student who has the honour of being your secretary general this year. It would not be possible without a talented and hardworking secretariat, a group of people I’m infinitely thankful for, seeking to make February host the best DurMUN yet. Amidst the uncertainties of the country and the world there is one thing I’m confident about – DurMUN 2018 isn’t to be missed.



Joshua Kui To Mo, Deputy Secretary-General for Applications and Committee Allocations

Having served as a Secretary-General in over 10, and participated in over 20 Model United Nations conferences, it is my honour to be your Deputy Secretary-General for Applications and Committee Allocations. My interest in MUN was piqued by my education in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, especially for heated (but civil…) debate and enduring friendships. I wish you luck in preparing for DurMUN 2018, and greatly look forward to meeting you all.


Batur Ozan Togay, Deputy Secretary-General for Applications and Content

My name is Batur Ozan Togay. I am a third-year politics student and have been involved in MUN for over seven years. I will be responsible for the application process and content in DurMUN 2018, and am looking forward to welcoming you to our city!



Shirley Chan, Secretary

Headshot 4 (2)

I am a 2nd Year Law student from Grey College that was born in the United States and raised in South Africa. I was extremely fortunate to have been selected onto the ELSA (European Law Student Association) Delegation to attend the 2017 United Nations ECOSOC high-level political forum on sustainable development and high-segment on eradicating poverty in New York. I feel very honored to have been voted in as the 2017/18 secretary for Durham University United Nations Society whereby I will specifically cater to accommodation, logistics, and venue bookings for DurMUN 2018. I am extremely excited for this conference and have high hopes for our team to bring you a wondrous new experience here at DurMUN 2018.

KK Photo

Kornél Komuves, Delegations Officer

As Delegations Officer of the DUNS, my main tasks include maintaining relations with the United Nations societies of other universities to ensure that their delegations are informed of our events and to acquire places at prestigious conferences for our delegates. My role is focused on the former as a member of the organizing committee of DurMUN. I am responsible for sending out invitations to other MUN societies about the event and assisting them in applying for it.

BM Photo

Becky Mingard, Delegate Training Officer

Hi, I’m Becky and my role is to train new delegates and advance the skills of more experienced delegates with weekly debates and training sessions. My aim is to show students that anyone can train as a delegate, no matter what your background is. During DurMUN, together with my co-delegation officer Kornél, I will be in charge of working with the delegations of other universities and ensuring they have the best possible time here.

PM Photo

Panos Maniatis, Social Secretary

My name is Panos Maniatis and I am a second year law student! I am from Collingwood College and this year I will be serving as a Socials Officer of Durham University United Nations Society. I will be responsible for the organization and regulation of society’s socials as well as DurMUN’s 2018 Social Events. I look forward to meeting everyone this February!


Hanna Fölsz, Treasurer

Hi, I’m Hanna and I’m the treasurer of Durham University United Nations Society. In this role, I am in charge of the finances of DurMUN, working to ensure that we arrange the most professional and fun conference while also keeping within our budget.


LJ Photo

Leonie Jones, Mondial Editor

Hi! I’m Leonie, the Chief Editor of ‘The Mondial’, the Durham University United Nations’s blog. In this role, I oversee the writing of articles and publish this content on the society’s Facebook page. In DurMUN 2018, my role is to support Miklós and Giulia in creating the website, alongside liaising with other university Model United Nations and prospective attendees.


GZ website photo

Giulia Zavagno, Media and Communications Officer

I’m Giulia, a third year Biologist who’s been participating in MUN for six years now. My role is to oversee all email and social media communications, as well as any other online administration that needs dealing with. On top of that, I ensure the website and our digital presence is up to scratch. I hope to see you all in Durham for the conference!