Hi from the Mondial Team!

The Mondial is the official newspaper of DurMUN. Starting out as a blog, The Mondial has developed as a platform to address those issues impacting the UN and the international community through journalism.

Now, DurMUN 2020 offers an opportunity to take MUN writing to another level: a dedicated student press corps. Model United Nations, as the name states, is a place to model, to experiment, to challenge yourself in new ways. We want to expand on this idea and make the conference a space for the simulation of policy-making as well as the simulation of journalistic environments.

What that looks like? A team of engaged writers, photographers, and graphic designers, reporting on the DurMUN conference – its themes, its committees, and its debates – with a print edition for each day of the conference, and keeping The Mondial connected to its blog roots with website articles throughout the year.

If you would like to work for The Mondial at DurMUN 2020 apply here