A letter from the Secretary-General of DURMUN 2020

Dear Visitors,

On behalf of the Durham University UN Society (DUUNS), it is my pleasure to welcome you
to DurMUN 2020, the latest instalment of a long line of prestigious conferences Durham has
held over the years. Whether you have experienced past Durham MUN’s, or are newcomers,
this upcoming conference promises debate, socials, and fun aplenty.

This year, we are offering you something no one else has done before. The 2020
conference focuses entirely on the Middle East, setting the ambitious goal of finally bringing
peace and prosperity to the troublesome region. In the United Nations Environment Programme
delegates have the opportunity to fight against one of the underlying causes of regional
instability: environmental mismanagement. Members of the Economic and Social Council
have to deal with the causes and consequences of the ever-increasing economic inequality and
government corruption. The Disarmament and International Security Council (First Committee
of the General Assembly) attempts the impossible: formulating a final peace agreement
between Israel and Palestine. Finally, DurMUN 2020’s Security Council has the job of
permanently solving the Yemeni crisis. This committee line-up was designed to cater for the
attendees of various levels of experience and interests, from beginner to advanced, from lovers
of the environment to geopolitical chess.

However, DurMUN 2020 is more than just exciting debates! On the first night of the
conference, attendees can enjoy an informal evening to relax and socialise with fellow
participants outside a formalised committee setting. You might even visit the “worst club in
Europe.” The following night we invite you to an elegant formal dinner in one of the stunning
historical venues of Durham.

To conclude, I am very excited about DurMUN 2020. I am looking forward to welcome
you all in our city in January. If you are interested or have any queries, please do not hesitate
to contact us at united.nations@durham.ac.uk!

Kind regards,
Ákos Holányi
Secretary-General, DurMUN 2020